Utility Coordination Certification

Utility coordination on INDOT contracts is required to be performed by a certified utility coordinator. Only certified Utility Coordinators may perform utility coordination work that involves the following tasks:

  • Present all project reports necessary for project delivery, such as status reports and risk reports.
  • Recommend work plans for approval, including narrative portion, relocation drawing, cost estimates and proof of property interests.
  • Recommend work plan addendums for approval.
  • Lead or facilitate any meetings involving utility-specific activities, such as kickoff meetings, conflict resolution meetings, and reimbursement eligibility meetings.
  • Discuss cost estimates, reimbursement, reimbursable status or agreements with utilities.
  • Review and recommend approval of utility consultants and utility contractors.
  • Review and sign all required letters to utilities.
  • Prepare and sign all required contract letting documents.
  • Conduct post-letting coordination services.

INDOT developed the Certified Utility Coordinator Program to train individuals to the expected standard of performance for utility coordination. The training consists of two days of classes on subjects related to utility coordination and a certification test offered in four parts. To successfully complete the training program, each student must attend all training, actively participate in all practical exercises, and score at least 75 percent on the certification test.

An individual who successfully completes the training will receive a letter affirming that they meet the prerequisites and are certified to perform utility coordination on INDOT projects.  If you are interested in future certification testing please send an email to John Reller.

Important Training Reference Documents for Students

Listed below are documents and references used for the training and certification tests throughout the two-day training course. It is important to note that INDOT does not provide these documents to students in either printed or electronic form. These documents and references are necessary for the training course.  The materials are useful during the training and are permitted to be referenced during the certification testing. The venue does have electrical outlets and internet access but these amenities are not guaranteed. Please bring with you these documents in either print or electronic form. Electronic documents have the advantage of being searchable.  There are no printers or copiers available to use at the venue.

Reference Material

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