TRF Member Handbook: General Information

Access to Records

Your records are confidential by law. INPRS will only release your name and years of service.

We can provide information from your records to you, or to one of the following:

  • a guardian,
  • a representative of your estate,
  • an attorney-in-fact (aka Power of Attorney or POA),
  • someone to whom you have given written permission, or
  • someone named by a court order.

 You will not need to fill out a request for Access to Public Records to get information. You can:

Indiana Public Retirement System
One North Capitol, Suite 001
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Your legally appointed guardian may act on your behalf when they are appointed by the court to oversee your legal and financial affairs. INPRS must review the “Letter of Guardianship” or other court document. The guardian must specifically have authority to manage your financial affairs.

Power of Attorney

We will honor requests and direction on your behalf from an individual named in a Power of Attorney (POA) document. This person is known as the “attorney-in-fact.” The Power of Attorney document must provide this person the authority to act on your behalf for the specific actions the person is requesting (such as a direct deposit or beneficiary change). We must have an approved POA on file at INPRS. If not, requests made on your behalf will be denied.

If you only want a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf for your TRF account, we can provide you a Limited Power of Attorney specific to INPRS.

Supplemental Group Health Insurance

INPRS offers a Medicare supplemental group health insurance plan. You qualify if you are 65 and over and are a TRF member or a spouse. We will send you the information on the plan when you turn 65. The details include options and costs. You can also request the information by calling us at (844) GO-INPRS.

If you are a TRF member under age 65, you may still qualify. If you are under age 65, you must receive a disability benefit to participate in the plan.

For more information, contact Anthem Insurance at (866) 649-2041.


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