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Indiana Public Retirement System

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Retirement Workshops

All members considering retirement within the next 18 months are encouraged to attend a retirement benefit workshop. There you can receive information to help you budget for retirement, a personalized benefit estimate, an explanation of retirement options, step-by-step instructions for completing a retirement application, information on working after retirement, and answers to your retirement questions.

To register for a workshop, go here and complete the online registration form. You can also call us at (888) 286-3544.

Retirement Application

The Retirement Application is available here.

If you do not wish to fill out a hard copy of the Retirement Application, the whole process may be completed online by logging in to TRF Interactive.

  • Retiring members are required to complete and submit the Application for Retirement Benefits.
  • Generally, the selected payment options and survivor designations are irrevocable once the retirement application has been processed and a benefit is scheduled to begin. Certain exceptions would be if the retired member’s designated beneficiary pre-deceases the member, the member marries for the first time after retirement, or the member becomes divorced and the divorce decree permits the change.
  • Generally, if you submit your application 90 days before your retirement date AND your employer submits to INPRS your final day worked and wage information, you can expect your first pension check one to two months following your retirement date. If you annuitized your funds, you can expect your monthly annuity payment to begin two to three months after your retirement date.

Determining Retirement Date

Your benefit accrual date is generally your last day at work. You will receive a prorated payment for that month. Your retirement date is the first of the month following your benefit accrual date or any future month requested in writing by the member. For example, if your last day of work is May 15, your retirement date would be June 1. Benefits are paid one month in arrears.

Snow days may cause problems for retiring teachers. Teachers are paid for these days when they occur, but they must be made up at a later date. These make-up days may force some teachers to work past their planned retirement date.

Separation of service means you are no longer “physically” performing work in the classroom. If you plan to retire June 1, but snow make-up days cause you to work June 1 or later, you are physically performing work in the classroom and are not eligible to retire until July 1.

Your first benefit payment would then fall in July. It would include a prorated payment back to the last day you were physically in the classroom.

Final Calculations and Payments for the Monthly Pension Benefit

When a completed Application for Retirement Benefits is received, contains all the necessary information and supporting documentation, and the member’s retirement date is at hand, TRF processes a monthly pension benefit check for the monthly pension benefit amount. Any ASA contributions totaling $1,000 or less received after the final date on which a member’s retirement benefit is processed will be paid directly to the member in a lump sum of which the member may elect to roll over after receipt.

If the amount is greater than $1,000, it can be paid directly to you as a lump sum, or you can elect to have INPRS do a direct rollover. You will be paid directly any amount of trailing contributions if no election is made.


A member may elect to have federal and/or Indiana state, as well as county, taxes withheld from his or her monthly pension benefit payments. Additionally, if the member elects to participate in the TRF-sponsored supplemental group health insurance, the member’s premiums will be deducted from the monthly pension benefit payments.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)

Cost of living adjustments (COLAs) are an adjustment to the member’s monthly pension benefit payment (does not include annuitized ASA). COLAs are not automatic in Indiana; the General Assembly must pass legislation granting a COLA. When such legislation has been passed, it generally applies a graduated percentage increase that is greater for those who have been retired longer. TRF adds all COLAs to the monthly pension benefit payments as directed by the legislation.

COLAs are not guaranteed annually. They are voted on each year and approved by the Indiana General Assembly.

13th Check

The 13th check is a lump sum single payment made in addition to a member’s monthly pension benefit payment and does not increase a member’s monthly pension benefit base. The 13th check is not automatic in Indiana; the General Assembly must pass legislation granting a 13th check. When such legislation has been passed, it awards a benefit amount to a member based upon the creditable service that was used to calculate the member’s retirement benefit. TRF distributes the 13th check as directed by legislation.

TRF Member Handbook: Working after Retirement