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March/April 2008

One Year Redesign Celebration: 04/17/08 @ 2 pm

On Thursday, April 17, 2008, at 2 p.m. in IGCS Room 19, staff will celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of the new In place of this quarter's Communicators' Advisory Council meeting, staff will recap the major highlights of the redesign effort, report current progress and outline upcoming initiatives, which include:

  • "retrofitting" all Group I & II agencies to the new Enthink project, allowing for easier page creation;
  • implementing a link trail (breadcrumbs) all redesigned sites;
  • introducing RSS feeds to agencies' sites that are leveraging the new e-subscription management tool; and, Program Manager, Robert Paglia, will also discuss upcoming application development initiatives as well as the ongoing effort to provide a true one-stop portal to state government.

Seating for this meeting is limited, but if enough interest is shown, will move the meeting to a bigger space. Please contact Alvin Wilson if your agency intends to bring multiple attendees. Check the Update & Presentations page on the IOT Web site the week of the meeting to confirm the location.

Lt. Gov., ISDA, IEERB, IOT Launch e-subscription Management Tool

Four agencies recently launched's latest service offering, GovDelivery, on their redesigned Web sites. Visitors to the Lieutenant Governor, Agriculture, Education Employment Relations Board and Technology sites can sign up for e-mail or wireless notifications to specific content on each site. These three agencies are just the first of many agencies waiting to implement on their sites. Over the coming weeks, eight more agencies, including the Governor's Office, will launch GovDelivery. In addition, the top-level, where users can see a complete list of all agencies' e-subscription offerings, will launch.

If your agency is interested in implementing GovDelivery, please contact Alvin Wilson to be scheduled for the next round of kick-off meetings, beginning April 14. Pushes Through Group III Migrations, Jump Starts Group IV

Last week, launched five redesigned Web sites: Board of Accounts (SBOA), Criminal Justice Institute (CJI), Horse Racing Commission (HRC), Personnel (SPD) and Public Employees' Retirement Fund (PERF), putting Indiana executive branch agency migrations at more than 60 percent complete. migration leads also began kick-off meetings with Group IV agencies, jump starting the final phase of initial migrations. By June 30, 2008, will have more than 70 state entities' Web sites migrated to the content management system and standard look and feel. To find updated information, please visit the Redesign Schedule & Status page on the IOT Web site. Web Analytics for January - February 2008

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Visits / Average Per Day 12,971,130 / 145,743 1.Hoosier Lottery2,216,177
Average / Median Visit Duration00:06:38 / 00:01:57 "Top Level"1,679,566
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Visitors Who Visited: Once / More than Once4,341,215 / 1,881,991 4.BMV525,629
Page: Views / Avg. per Day / Average per Visit47,663,921 / 535,549 / 3.67 5.DOR387,214
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Least Active: Day of Week / Hour of Day Saturday / 3-4am FAQs209,995
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Top 2 Web BrowsersIE7 (46.36%); IE6 (41.39%); FireFox (8.91%) 10.DCS183,761 Performance Metrics

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Production Response Time 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 68% 96.2% 100% 94%
Content Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 65% 92.6% 92.34% 94%
Web Address Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 94.3% 89.76% 80.6% 85%
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