Jasper County Prosecutor - Christine M. Bogan

Christine M. Haskell

The Jasper County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney represents the State of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions resulting from crimes committed within Jasper County, Indiana.

Christine M. Bogan, is the Prosecutor. She took office in October 2013 after having served as Deputy Prosecutor since January 2008. Prosecutor Haskell takes all crimes seriously. It is her goal to keep Jasper County a great and safe community to live and work. Jasper County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney has many duties and responsibilities. The office is also responsible for seeking and enforcing child support orders entered in divorce and paternity cases, enforcing traffic violations, and supervising grand jury proceedings. The prosecutor's office is dedicated to assisting victims of crimes. It seeks restitution on behalf of the victims of crimes, and provides valuable information to them through this website and through staff. In addition, the office prosecutes juvenile offenders, ands seek juvenile adjudications. The goal is to seek adjudication, counseling, and treatment, when it is possible, for juveniles and their families to keep juveniles from offending as adults. The Jasper County Prosecutor's Office is committed to assisting victims of check deception. Please visit our Bad Checks page on the prosecutor's web site or contact the office for more information. The prosecutor's office is the chief law enforcement agency in the county. Its responsibility is to train our law enforcement officers on Indiana criminal and traffic laws, and changes to those laws. It also provides monetary assistance to law enforcement officers so that these officers can attend training to help them better assist the citizens of Jasper County.


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