The Council has a contract with Lexis that enables Council members (all public defenders, contractual pauper counsel, and other court appointed attorneys regularly appointed to represent indigent defendants) to subscribe to Lexis at a reduced rate (pro-rated if you subscribe during the year). Under this contract, Lexis services are to be used for public defender work only.

Services provided include access to all 50 states and federal court opinions, unlimited Shepard's citation service, unlimited "get a document by citation" to most any source; access to treatises, forms, law reviews, etc.; unlmited hypertext linking allowing users to link to items not included in the subscripton.

To sign up for Lexis under this program, print out and complete the subscription form and email or fax it along with your payment to Membership Services at IPDC.

If you have questions, e-mail email the Lexis Coordinator in our office