Market Reporting Program

ISDA, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), launched Indiana’s first Market Reporting Program which will provide real-time market prices of livestock and commodities from various markets across the state. This information, published in a weekly report and available online, is intended to keep producers and agricultural businesses better informed about the value of their livestock.

Prior to this information being available, producers had difficulty when trying to compare the value of their livestock against the value of livestock sold in other markets, or in neighboring states. This caused some producers in Indiana to sell their products out of state where market price data is more easily obtainable. With this information now accessible to Hoosier farmers, the Market Reporting Program will help identify any price gaps between markets, creating an added layer of competition.

Currently, data is being gathered from two livestock auctions (United Producers, Inc. in Vincennes and Indianapolis Stockyards in Rockville), but there is a potential to expand to other high-volume markets in the future.


Click the link below to view the reports.


Gordon Lowry
Market Reporting Program Director