Program Information and Policies

Approval of Educational Programs

Approval Process for Nuclear Medicine Technologists and Radiation Therapists

Approval Process for Provisional Permit and License for Limited Podiatric Radiographers

Approval Process for Student and Provisional Radiography Permits

Cardiac Catheterization Radiography Certification

Dental Radiography Licensing Process

Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radiation Therapist  “Grandfathering” Procedure

Radiation Machine Inspection Requirements

Radiation Machine Registration

Radioactive Material Registration Information

Radioactive Material Registration Application

Renew a License or Registration 
Individuals may renew their licenses online through the License Express online licensing system.   

Scope of Practice for Limited Chiropractic Radiography

Verify a License or Registration 
Radiology licenses and registrations may be verified through the License Express online licensing system of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.