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Indiana State Department of Health

Indiana State Department of Health

Food Protection Home > Recalls and Advisories > 2007 Recalls 2007 Recalls

The Indiana State Department of Health Food Protection Program reports all recalls potentially affecting Indiana residents to local health departments and other related agencies. Recalls are issued by manufacturers of food and drug products, but are done so on a voluntary basis with guidance by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which regulates meat and poultry products, or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all other products.

If you have a question about a recall, you may contact your local health department or the manufacturer for information. You can also access the FDA or USDA websites for further details.

Recall Item Recall Date
Specialty Foods Group, Inc.-Sausage Products 12/10/2007
Harry & David recalls Harry & David Bake Shop Cookie Mixes 12/10/2007
Trader Joe's Company-12 oz jars of Trader Joe’s Pinjur 12/07/2007
Custom Culinary, Inc.-Beef and Chicken Base Products 12/06/2007
Soma Beverage Company LLC-Metromint Flavor Water 12/06/2007
American Foods Group, LLC, Ground Beef Recall 11/27/2007
Harry & David Operations Corp., Moose Munch 11/27/2007
Kroger Co.-Light Caesar Salad Dressing 11/16/2007
House of Thaller, Inc-Expanded Recall Of Smoked Salmon Dip 11/07/2007
General Mills Operations-Frozen Meat Pizzas 11/01/2007
J & B Meats Corporation Inc-Frozen Ground Beef Products 10/13/2007
ConAgra Foods-Frozen Pot Pie Products 10/11/2007
Vintage Chocolates Inc-Soy Milk Chocolate Bars 10/10/2007
Aliki Foods, Inc-Chicken and Pasta Product 10/09/2007
Cargill Meat Solutions Corp-Ground Beef Products 10/06/2007
Topps Meat Company-Ground Beef Products - Expanded 10/06/2007
Topps Meat Company-Ground Beef Products 09/26/2007
Stirrings LLC - Rimmer® Brand Mojito Cocktail Garnish 09/05/2007
Ian’s Natural Foods-Frozen Turkey Products 08/14/2007
Lakeside Foods-French Style Green Beans 08/02/2007
Whole Foods Market-Swiss Dark Chocolate Bars 07/31/2007
Abbott's Meat Inc. - Gound Beef Products 07/21/2007
Castleberry’s Food Co. - Expanded Botulism Recall 07/21/2007
Castleberry Food Co. - Canned Meat Products 07/19/2007
Agriprocessors, Inc. - Beef and Chicken Products 07/06/2007
Robert’s American Gourmet Food, Inc. - Expanded Snack Food Recall 07/03/2007
SAMS Food Group, Inc.-Beef and Chicken Bases 06/22/2007
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc - Ground Beef Products 06/08/2007
United Food Group, LLC - Ground Beef Products 06/03/2007
Tembec BTLSR Inc. Uniscope, Inc.- Feed Ingredients Containing Melamine 05/31/2007
Hong Chang Corporation - Monkfish 05/23/2007
nSpired Natural Foods - MaraNatha Sesame Tahini 05/22/2007
Kayem Foods, Inc. - Chicken Sausage Products 05/18/2007
Davis Creek Meats and Seafood - Beef Products 05/11/2007
PM Beef Holdings, LLC - Beef Trim Products 05/11/2007
Aulcorp Food Marketers, Inc. - Archer Farms Four Cheese Risotto 05/04/2007
Patrick Cudahy, Inc.-Ready-To-Eat Soppressata - Salami Products 04/19/2007
Jen-On Herbal Science International-H S Joy of Love Dietary Supplement 04/18/2007
T.W. Enterprises-Dog Chews 04/18/2007
Charlie Brown di Rutigliano & AulcorpFigli S.r.l, of Bari, Italy-Potentially Contaminated Olives 04/16/2007
Harry & David Operations Corp.- Allergy Alert 04/16/2007
Menu Foods, Inc - Cat Food Expanded Recall 04/12/2007
Harry & David Operations Corp.-Dark Chocolate Clusters the Ultimate Walnut Cherry Caramel Indulgence 04/09/2007
Energy Club, Inc. - Healthy California Mix 04/09/2007
Barodon SF-Dietary Supplement V.MAX. 04/04/2007
Hill's Pet Nutrition Co-Dry Cat Food 03/30/2007
“Jermuk” Brand Mineral Water 03/26/2007
FDA Report on 2006 Spinach Outbreak 03/26/2007
Cosmos Trading, Inc.-Rhino Max (Rhino V Max) 03/16/2007
ConAgra - Peanut Butter Recall Update 03/12/2007
ConAgra-Update on Peanut Butter Recall 03/01/2007
Carolina Culinary Foods-Chicken Breast Strips - Expanded Recall 03/01/2007
ConAgra - Peanut Butter Recall Update 02/23/2007
Dole Fresh Fruit Company - Cantaloupe 02/22/2007
Carolina Culinary Foods - Cooked Chicken Breast Strips 02/19/2007
Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food 02/19/2007
ConAgra - Peanut Butter Recall Update 02/19/2007
ConAgra - Peter Pan and Great Value Peanut Butter 02/15/2007
ConAgra Foods, Inc. - Pasta and Meatball Meals 02/13/2007
HoMedics Heating Pads 02/09/2007
Ho's Trading Inc. - Fortune Star Brand Dried Lily Bulb 02/08/2007
The Wornick Company - Pasta Entrees for Toddlers 02/06/2007
Whole Foods Market - 365 Everyday Value Kalamata Olive Tapenade 02/05/2007
Morgan Foods - Canned Chicken Soup 02/05/2007
Vitalabs, Inc.-Egg Protein Powder 01/30/2007
Ebek, Inc.-Liviro3 Dietary Supplement 01/28/2007
Lesley Elizabeth, Inc. - Undeclared Sulfites in products containing Sun dried Tomatoes 01/23/2007
Elegant Gourmet, Inc. - Gingerbread Boy Cookies 01/16/2007
Sigma Foods, Inc. - Cooked Ham Products 01/09/2007
Ho’s Trading, Inc.-Home Special Health Soup Recipe (Dry Mix) 01/08/2007
Gold Star Sausage Co., Inc,-Sausage Products 01/05/2007

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