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HIV/AIDS in Indiana > Advisory Groups > Community Planning Group (CPG) > CPG Full Body Meeting Minutes > CPG Minutes May 2008 CPG Minutes May 2008

HIV Prevention Community Planning Group Meeting
May 20, 2008 – (10:00 am – 3:00 pm)
Rice Auditorium


CPG:  Present

  • Ajiboye, Shola
  • Archey, Rev. Donald
  • Bowden, Diana
  • Dooley, Cydrisse
  • Fisher, Brian
  • French, Paula
  • Gillespie, Tony
  • Gilmore, Ramona
  • Harris, Larry Hughes, Mark
  • Lozano, Dolly
  • Morton, Ramon
  • Pasco, Larry
  • Prado Reyna, Laura
  • Stanley, Debra
  • Vesga, Jesus
  • Wendy Woods   

CPG:  Absent w/ proxy

  • Jeff Lane 
  • Anna Urias Hall 
  • Richard Nash 
  • James T. Howard 
  • Ryan Nix


  • Jesus Vesga for Anna Urias Hall 
  • Ramon Morton for Richard Nash 
  • Debra Stanley for James T. Howard
  • Paula French for Ryan Nix

ISDH Staff and Technical Advisors

  • Archey-Morgan, Cathy 
  • Arnold, Vivian 
  • Burcham, Barbara 
  • Burkman, Jerry 
  • Chapman, Erika
  • Ford, Marsha 
  • Hillman, Dan 
  • Jackson, Terry 
  • Johnson, Elloise 
  • Newton, Susan
  • Passey Richard 
  • Perez, Andrea 
  • Renner, Sarah  


  • Kem Moore
  • Pam Pitts

General Information

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am. Introductions were made around the table.
  • Ramon Morton stated that in his opinion, the purpose of the CPG Committee was to eradicate HIV by going through a process of comprehensive HIV Prevention Community Planning in collaboration with the State of Indiana. The ground rules consist of being attentive and on time. Never attack others personal views/opinions – that it’s okay to disagree. No pagers or cellular phones should be in operation during meetings but placed on vibrate or turned off.

Self Assessment Form Review

  • No comments

Attendance Review

  • Accepted with the following addition:  Ramon Morton was proxy for Wendy Woods March 18, 2008.

Minutes Review and Acceptance

  • HIV Prevention Community Planning Group Meeting
  • March 18, 2008 – approved with attendance correction
    • Executive Committee Report & Minutes
  • April 1, 2008 – approved w/ correction: (Dolly Lozano was proxy for Laura Prado Reyna)
  • April 29, 2008 – approved w/ correction: (Laura Prado Reyna was proxy for Dolly Lozano)
    • A copy of the new committee structure was sent to all on April 17th for review.
    • The HIV Prevention Leadership Summit (HPLS) held in Detroit, Michigan, June 12-14, 2008, will be attended by Paula French, Tony Gillespie, Ramon Morton, Barbara Burcham, Marsha Ford and Susan Newton.
    • Mark Hughes resigned as Epi Populations Committee Chair. The position will be filled by Tony Gillespie.
    • Barbara Burcham  now have the committee’s corrections to incorporate into the letter proposed by Diana Bowden and Larry Pasco, both of the Advocacy Committee, to present to Dr. Judith Monroe, Indiana State Health Commissioner, regarding Harm Reduction (more specifically, needle exchange).
    • A letter was mailed notifying Adriana Torres of her removal from the CPG Committee due to absenteeism.

    Facilitator: Co-chair’s TA

    • Larry Harris: When CDC made their site visit to provide technical assistance, it was one of the recommendations they offered - that the committee needed a facilitator. This person would be non-bias, charged with the job of conducting the meeting and keep it running smoothly as Mr. Fisher stated. They would not be a state employee and if they were, they would not have any affiliation with the CPG body nor would they have any affiliation with the Division of HIV/STD. They would move the meeting along while keeping the body cohesiveness and focused. The committee would still have its co-chairs, as Mr. Morton stated, working within the body doing various task. This person could be a volunteer and their services would be free of charge.
    • Andrea Perez stated that she put in the request for a temporary facilitator – not full time. Acting as a Technical Advisor, the facilitator would conduct a few meetings in the presence of the co-chairs mentoring them, passing along the experience necessary for the co-chairs to conduct meetings using the skills learned. As stated earlier, this person would be a volunteer, able to be reached on short notice and would not expect payment. This recommendation was seen as a vehicle to enhance the skills of the co-chairs and to help set the proper flow for future meetings

    Note:  It was recommended, accepted and 2nd to accept the CDC’s recommendation to have a facilitator for the CPG meetings.

    Division Updates - Larry Harris, Assistant Director, HIV/STD

    Summary:  Please refer to the handout placed in your folder for a complete update.

    • HIV Prevention has two new staff members: Barbara Burcham, HIV Prevention Manager and Marsha Ford, HIV Prevention Specialist.
    • Three Prevention staff will attend the HIV Prevention Leadership Summit in June 2008.
    • Communities of Color: The INShape Indiana Black and Minority Health Fair will be held July 17-20, 2008 at the Indianapolis Convention Center.
    • HIV Medical Services has two new staff members: Satin Hill, Medical Services Program Enrollment Specialist and Meredith Upchurch, Care Coordination Specialist working with Kristi Montgomery.
    • Training & Development: Additional information was just released regarding the Routine Testing Pilot at Wishard Hospital per Cathy Archey-Morgan. According to Wishard, the testing pilot project was a success. There was an 80% acceptance rate to take the test. Their goal was to test 850 people but exceeded that number testing over 1,200 within a 4 week span. Wishard is looking into ways to continue routine testing in the emergency room and is now developing ideas. They are looking into a partnership with ISDH and funding from other sources, per Jerry Burkman. We are not aware of what Methodist Hospital is planning at this time. No analysis has been done yet regarding the rapid testing project results. We’ll receive a breakdown of the results by diagnosis, gender, insurance coverage, and who was and was not tested and accepted, etc. at a later date. CDC did fund 26 states to do routine rapid HIV testing but didn’t make the list. CDC’s recommendation was to do rapid routine testing for one year and to continue if the positivity rate was over 1%. Wishard’s positivity rate was less than 1% but they would like to continue, if possible.
    • CAB & CHSPAC:  CAB is having a Consumer Advisory Board meeting, May 21, 2008.

    Adult Viral Hepatitis Update: Erika Chapman

    • May is National Hepatitis Awareness Month.
    • May 19, 2008 was the first Hepatitis Awareness Day.
    • The Viral Hepatitis Prevention program is up and running. There is a problem in this state getting people treated and it’s critical for the program to receive additional funding to assist more with treatment.
    • Clinical trials are currently taking place at IUPUI. Contact Erika for more information.
      Last month, 2006 data was released regarding acute hepatitis. Surveillance for chronic hepatitis is very limited. Information collected at this point is about acute cases. To obtain a copy, contact Erika.
    • There is 317 Funding available for high risk adults contracting Hepatitis A and B. Injection drug users are not listed as high risk individuals but they can go into a CDC funded community health center and some local health departments to discuss their risk factors and be vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B.

    Please contact Erika for additional information and resources regarding these and other topics.

    Membership/Reapplication Process: Ramona Gilmore

    • All current CPG members will have to reapply.
    • The committee will determine the new body for 2009. New terms begin January 1, 2009.
    • The body can consist of up to 25 total members. Currently there are 22 active CPG members.
    • There was a concern that all members would be current, no staggering, that all terms will be up for renewal at the same time.
    • The committee will work on a cover letter for the application/reapplication form during committee time.
    • It was stated that the application had been approved with corrections. That today, submission of the process was to take place.
    • No one should fill out the current form. It is going back for Membership to work on the PIR and the process. The application has been accepted however.
    Comment:  Since there are only 6 meetings held per year, put them on your calendar and try to attend from beginning to end.

    By-Law Revision

    Article VI.  Committees and Task Force (accepted with corrections)

    • Four Standing Committees
    • The Membership Committee was downsized
    • There will be one At-Large member. The Executive Committee will consist of 8 members.
    • Evaluation and Membership Committees were combined
    • Four Ad Hoc Committees:
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Public Policy and Procedure
  • Advocacy
  • Budget
  • (Refer to your emailed copy for a correct description of the Budget and Advocacy Committees).
    • Section 3:  Ad Hoc Committees
  • Hard copy states:  Sexually Transmitted Disease Committee whose mission is to act as an advisory committee and provide input to ISDH STD program relating to collaborations with HIV/AIDS prevention.
    Correct as follows:  Sexually Transmitted Disease Committee whose mission is to act as an advisory committee providing STD information to members of the Indiana HIV Community Planning Group as it relates to HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • OraQuick Update: Pam Pits, OraSure Technologies

    • Oral fluid and Hepatitis C tests are in the clinical trials final stage. It’s shown to be highly accurate and very sensitive. It’s on the same platform as the oral fluid HIV test and the process will take 20 minutes.
    • There will be an announcement about “shelf life extension” for OraQuick soon. Currently the shelf life for the test is 6 months. In the next few months, the shelf life will be extended to one year. Ms Pitts stated that the body should receive a notice extending the shelf life on the OraQuick product they currently have to one year. 
    • OraSure Technologies is in the process of developing a whole new generation of rapid tests with results developed quicker than the markets’ current product. Training on the device is free. Class size may range from 6 – 20 people, but to justify Ms Pitts travel, a minimum of 6-8 is required. Training will be 1-2 hours duration with a certificate of completion awarded. DVDs are also available. Test kits can be purchased directly from OraSure.
    • National HIV Testing Day and the HPLS Summit is approaching. OraSure is offering a marketing tool (testing banners) free of charge. The banners are weather proof, 6’ long that read, “Rapid HIV Testing Here”. To receive this item, contact Ms Pitts by cell (484 894-3679) or e-mail at

    Advocacy Committee:  Tony Gillespie

    • All should have received a copy of the letter and brief to Dr. Monroe regarding needle exchange. In moving forward, the Advocacy Committee will proceed by placing the letter on CPG letterhead and the research paper in PDF format and submit both to Dr. Monroe for policy change consideration. The CPG body and other providers around the state will also receive an electronic copy requesting their support including CPG’s of Indiana.
    • Jerry Burkman thanked all for their continued work to complete this project – stating that CPG and the State will benefit.

    Membership Committee:  Dolly Lozano

    • The committee request Dan Hillman update PRI (according to current data) in order for the committee to complete their process of updating the grid population.
    • Ramona will develop a cover letter to accompany the reapplication/application form.
    • The committee requests a table to show demographics of all applications received.
    • Wendy and Ramona will meet to work on the process. They will forward a draft of the process to the Membership Committee by June 30, 2008.
    • The committee will develop a timeline to the State.
    • The goal is to have applications available for distribution to the public by June 30th.
    • The committee request ISDH staff make the CPG application available on the ISDH website.
    • The Membership Committee request current members to submit Membership Reapplication to ISDH appointed staff by September 16, 2008, by mail, e-mail or fax.
    • The committee requests that the application be available on line by July 11, 2008.
    • The committee needs to re-modify the application. Do not use the one you have. Barb will give it to you today.
    • Remember that the entire CPG body is responsible for recruiting new members.

    It was stated that several items comprise PIR according to CDC.  CPG must review and revise the membership matrix as it is based on the HIV Epi/population information.  The last version of the matrix was not comprehensive and did not accurately reflect the population and the disparity of the disease in the state.  It was questioned if this could be something updated?  Per the Committee, this is what they were actually asking for originally regarding the grid.

    Old Business

    • Reminder:  Complete and place back into each folder the Self Assessment forms (only 12 out of 22 were received).
    • What ever happened to bleach kits that were to be distributed to providers funded to serve IDUs? It was in the budget.
    • On the Agenda next to Self Assessment, remove the word “review”.

    New Business

    • The United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) will be held in Miami, Florida, September 18 21, 2008. CPG may be able to send two members. Early registration must be postmarked by June 13. You may apply for the limited scholarships by submitting the requested forms on or before June 6, 2008 – 5:00pm (EST). The website address is Call or email your request to Barbara by 5:00pm, May 30, 2008.
    • In order to comply with state regulations, lunch for CPG members should cost no more than $6.50 per person. It’s been proposed that each member buy their own lunch and the state reimburse them $6.50 regardless of the amount spent. One’s meal choice or amount would not be an issue. Since many would be affected by the proposal, calls will continue until a vendor is found willing to accept the States price. Taxes would not be included but a delivery charge is possible, raising the cost per person higher than $6.50.
    • Larry Harris will let the body know if a receipt is required.
    • Rev Archey proposed a recommendation that the State raise their fee for mileage reimbursement. The issue is currently under consideration per Jerry Burkman.
    • The National Black Aids Institute is hosting a conference June 24-25, 2008 at the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. No agenda at this time.
    • Senator Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor.
    • Barbara Burcham reported that there was a request put out by NASTAD for information regarding various states prevention plans for another advisory group. NASTAD was appreciative of our state plan shared and requested permission to post it to their website. Permission was granted.


    Debra Stanley - Presented a video entitled, Your Friends and Neighbors:  Living with AIDS in South Bend, Indiana.
    Birthdays - Susan Newton
    Births - Cathy Archey-Morgan has become a great aunt again She has had another nephew to be accepted on a major football team.
    Tony Gillespie - Brothers Uplifting Brothers received the “Heart of Hospice Award”.

    Next Meeting:  July 15, 2008 @ 10:00 A.M. (promptly)

    Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM 

    Recorders Observations: What you say is important

    • Committee Minutes:  We received a hard copy from the Membership Committee only.  It's very important we receive a hard copy from each committee for inclusion in the bi-monthly report.


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