CPG Meeting Minutes - March 17, 2009



March 17, 2009
10:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Rice Auditorium


Present CPG Members:

  • Brinegar, Emily
  • Grudi, April 
  • Nash, Rico 
  • Stanley, Debra
  • Gillespie, Tony 
  • Harris, Larry (State Co-Chair) 
  • Nix, Ryan 
  • Urias Hail, Anna
  • Goode, Angela 
  • Hughes, Mark 
  • Pasco, Larry 
  • Vesga, Jesus
  • Greene, Latorya 
  • Lausch, Judy 
  • Prado-Reyna, Laura 
  • Woods, Wendy
  • Grieb, Jody 
  • Morton, Ramon 
  • Rush, Nathan

Absent CPG Members:

  • Gilmore, Ramona (Ramon Morton as Proxy) 
  • Lozano, Dolly (Laura Prado-Reyna as Proxy)

Present ISDH Staff:

  • Arnold, Susan 
  • Burcham, Barb 
  • Lloyd, Telisa
  • Arnold, Vivian 
  • Hon, John 
  • Perez, Andrea
  • Bain, Cena 
  • Johnson, Elloise 
  • Writt, Amanda

Present Technical Advisors:

  • Exom, Michael 
  • Morgan, James 
  • Wilder-Hamilton, Elonda
  • Feldheiser, Rochelle 
  • Ohmit, Anita 
  • Yoder, Beth
  • French, Paula 
  • Quintero, Liliana


  • Bailey, Dr. Marlon (MSM Consultant) 
  • Wilber, Dr. Lee (ED Routine HIV Testing)


  • Meeting was called to order at 10:05 by Ramon Morton, Community Co-Chair and Cena Bain, CPG Liaison
  • All Attendees introduced themselves, region, and populations they represent.
- John Hon, Susan Arnold, and Amanda Writt introduce themselves as new staff for ISDH.
  • Ground Rules read by Ramon Morton
Note:  Ramon Morton is Proxy for Ramona Gilmore. 
          Laura Prado-Reyna is Proxy for Dolly Lozano.

Ramon Morton: 

Diverts from the Agenda as Sarah Renner is available to talk about the RFP process and to answer questions regarding the RFP Process.

Sarah Renner: 

We need to do a better job in writing contracts and the process around initiating a contract that allows people to write deliverable based contracts with us.  Part of that means making sure that when you write grants that specific populations are targeted and CPG helps us define, but it also helps us focus on the activity versus personnel or merited type things that you write in grants, so it is a little different format than what contractors are use to.  For many business purposes it makes more sense to write a more deliverable-based contract rather than something that is a grant narrative and I could entertain questions around that, my understanding is that there were some questions as to why we are writing a new RFP, so the State has a Department of Administration RFP process that is not what we are quite entering into we are like one step below that.  What we are trying to do is redefine the format that we will give to people who are interested in entering a contract for the year 2010 grant period; we are starting that process over.

Nate Rush: 

So will there be a little workshop that helps people respond?

Sarah Renner: 

We can educate on contracts, we can entertain a question and answer after the RFP is released to those who submit their letter of intent.  Does that make sense, so what usually occurs at this agency is that the RFP is released, people submit a letter of intent then an e-mail or some type of communication is sent to all of those who submitted a letter of intent setting up a conference call to set to discuss the document.

Debra Stanley: 

Do you have a timeline determined yet?

Andrea Perez: 

We don’t have a nailed down timeline, we do have a loose timeline that we are trying very hard to stick to.  What that looks like now is the release of the RFP will be late May with the letter of intent being due 30 days after its release (late June) then a conference call will be schedule 2 weeks following the deadline for the letter of intent submissions (mid-July).

Debra Stanley: 

In relation to the Letter of Concurrence with Reservations, have there been any TA requests by ISDH regarding the RFP Process?  I am really feeling good about this process.

Andrea Perez: 

We have made a CBA request for TA; I have pulled RFP processes from other states in order to write ours more effectively.  Furthermore, I have been in contact with CDC.

* There was concern from CPG members regarding the last RFP process in which money was just “dumped” into the local county health departments.
* These comments raised concern from those who worked in those county health departments as they feel as they can do the work just as well as CBO’s.
* In response, the CPG (prior CPG members) ensure those individuals that the comments were in regards to the process and not the work that the health departments provide.

* In order for the CPG body to develop Priority Populations in regards to the RFP process, the body agreed to Mandate a meeting in April. 

**The Meeting is scheduled for April 21st, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


     PowerPoint Version                                PDF Version

Reconvened at 1:10 p.m.

Review of January 20th and 21st CPG Meeting Minutes:

No Questions and Minutes were accepted by the body.

Review of February 2nd Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting Minutes: 

No Questions and Minutes were accepted by the body.

Review of March 2nd Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting Minutes: 

No Questions and Minutes were accepted by the body.
-Attendance Sheet, Self-Assessment, and Expense Sheet all accepted by the body.


Executive Committee

Ramon Morton: 

Reports regarding the self-assessment forms.  Executive Committee decided to pull out all suggestions and/or issues that pertained to their particular committee and will address them on a Chair level.
No Other Committee Reports were given.


Given by Larry Harris

Erika Chapman will be arranging trainings for the Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention
Program for March, April, and June.  The trainings will cover the following two topics: 
Hot Topics in Viral Hepatitis II and Integrating Viral Hepatitis into your work.
May 19th is World Hepatitis Day.  If your agency, organization, or group is planning an
event please contact Erika as she is maintaining a registry of events and can help
publicize the event.  Her number is 317-431-0394
Clayton Koher joined the division on March 2, 2009 filling the position of the STD
Program Director
As stated previously, the prevention program has 3 new staff members:  John Hon,
Amanda Writt, and Susan Arnold.
Andrea is working on the RFP process for the 2010 funding cycle.
March 23rd will be the combined Care Coordination, STD, and HIV annual meeting being
held in Rice Auditorium.


- Contracted by ISDH as a consultant for the MSM supplemental funding contract.

* Dr. Bailey introduces himself and gives background on his goal for the project.

Project is broke down into 4 phases:

March – May
      Phase I – Tool development  
           Includes resources from the CPG, PAG, CHSPAC, and CAB

June – August
     Phase II – Focus Groups
          To include the counties with the highest prevalence rates: 
               Marion (2 focus groups), Lake, Allen, St. Joseph, and Vanderburgh

September – December
     Phase III – Analysis
     Phase IV – Strategic Plan

Highlights of the discussion between CPG and Dr. Bailey:

*  Ryan Nix and Emily Brineger refer to a study conducted by a Dr. Reece regarding MSM’s in both Marion and Monroe Counties.
*  Attempt to find midpoints between counties to allow easier access and greater
*  CPG to recruit individuals from populations of their concern to attend the focus groups.


Cena Bain: 

Has revamped the CPG’s website.  The site will now contain a resource link that will enable CPG members to provide resource links to organizations, etc for community members to utilize.

Liliana Quintero: 

Has requested that State provide Orasure testing to individuals in Elkhart County.


No Comments Made.


Jody Grieb: 

Addresses the body regarding his needle exchange kits that contain clean syringes on one side and a disposal compartment of the other.

Tony Gillespie: 

Addresses the body regarding the Sister Speak Luncheon scheduled for March 20, 2009 in Gary, IN (A brochure was handed out).

Latorya Greene: 

Addresses the body regarding a Lunch 'N Learn:  "Understanding the Impact of HIV among Women & Girls"; Tuesday, March 24, 2009; St. Joseph County Public Library, Humphries Media Room; 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Adjourn at 3:00 p.m.

NEXT MEETING ON April 21, 2009 AT 10:00 A.M.