CHSPAC Meeting Minutes August 19, 2009

Comprehensive HIV Services Planning and Advisory Council
2 North Meridian Street, 6-C
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204
Telephone:  317-233-7744
Fax:  317-233-7663
CHSPAC Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 19 August 2009
12:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.


Bryan Amador
Tammy Dutkowski
April Grudi
Mike Hughes
Kellie Kaneshiro
Kelly Miller
Yvette Paniagua
Brian Revalee
Isaac Spain
Kris Wise
Thom Bauer
Carrie Foote, Ph.D.
Vince Guzman
Jonathan Houston
Scott King
Tammy Morris
Gina Pope-King
Stephany Simmons [proxy: Katie Bennett]
Tabitha Sprigler
Mike Wallace
Tracy Droll
Kelli Fuller
Jessica Hillis
Kevin Johnson
Michelle Leaman
Kevin Phelps
Rachel Reich
Larmarques Smith
Nathan West
Dale Richmond


Katie Bennett [proxy: Stephany Simmons]
Alisha Hooks
Bridgette McLaurin
Ricky Conrad
Leeah Hopper
Noelle Redmond
Jeff Wolfe
Portia Duff
Amy Kay
Carol Young


Sam Abron
Jeremi Morris
Daryl Whetzell Lori Dimick [HOPWA]
Quentin Spencer Catherine Knochel [BioScrip]
Jesus Vesga


Sara Bradley
Neal Carnes
Shawn Carney
Lisa Lloyd

Meeting began at 12:37 p.m.  The mission statement was read by Bryan Amador and quorum was established.


June Minutes – Thom motioned and Carrie seconded.  June minutes were approved as written.


We have 40 members.  Amy Kay, Linda Vest, Gloria Manamela, Kristen Arnold, and Jody Grieb have resigned from the board.  Scott King, Larmarques Smith, Jonathan Houston, and Michelle Leaman have come onto the board.  Jeff Wolfe has been elected for Vice Chair.

ISDH Division Report

  • The Medicaid data has been received.
  • The Womens, Infants, Children,and Youth (WICY) report has been completed.
  • Our annual progress report will be completed and sent in by August 31, 2009.
  • Our CQM is being prepared.

Committee Status Updates

Planning Committee – The Planning Committee is in the process of updating the priority Services Needs and the Service Gaps and Barriers sections of the Comprehensive Plan; based on the outcomes of the Consumer/Provider Needs Assessment.  Tabitha and Brian hope to have a draft ready to present to the full council at the next Advisory Council meeting.

Evaluation Committee – Dr. Carrie reported that the Provider Needs Assessment Report has been mailed for proofing to all ISDH and to the Advisory board.

Dental AD HOC –The Dental AD HOC Committee is just starting up.  The initial plan is to meet with Mike Wallace to go over their contracts with the T.G.A.

Medical AD HOC – We are looking to expand coverage for STDs.  There are 130 medications on the ADAP formulary.  In year 2006, $18,000 was spent on EIP medications and $765,000 spent on ADAP medications.

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee held a conference call on July 27, 2009 and discussed the fact that Jody Grieb has resigned from the board and that we currently have a new application on file for his seat.  Dr. Carrie Foote mentioned that we should consider having a behavior or a HIV/AIDS researcher placed on the membership Matrix, although it was mentioned that in order to change the Matrix we would have to make adjustments and/or changes to the bylaws.  The CAB & CHSPAC Policy & Procedures manual is in the process of being integrated into one document.  The Consumer Forum “Learning and Living Well” will be held at the Primo Banquet Hall on July 29, 2009.

Membership Review and Nominations for 2010

Nathan West and Yvette Paniagua will be leaving the board in December.  Lisa wants people coming off the board to help with recruitment for replacements for their seat. The term of the Chair is 1 year and we may have to do the vote electronically for Chair and Vice Chair.  Please contact individuals you want to nominate to make sure that they will accept the nomination if they are so nominated.  Elections will take place at December’s full council meeting.

Procedures Review and Discussion

The board went over the integration changes that are being made to the Policy and Procedures manual.  One change is that CAB would be called the “Consumer Advisory Bureau”.  As of now we don’t have representation from CAB on the Executive Committee but after the manual is integrated there will be representation.  CAB members were presented a draft of these changes but we need to forward to entire board for acceptance. If you have any suggestions or changes you should send them to Lisa and she will forward them to Thom.  The changes will be up for vote at the October’s full council meeting.

Old Business

Region 7 – Consumer Forum – Indianapolis’s “Learning and Living Well” consumer forum was held July 29, 2009 at Primo Banquet Hall, there were 52 people in attendance, including consumers, Care Coordinators, and ISDH staff.

New Business

Dr. Carrie Foote, Ph.D. did a presentation on the Provider Survey results.  Each member received a copy of these results.

Public Comments/Announcements

Isaac Spain announced that September is “National Recovery Month” and that there will be a cook out on the first Saturday in September.  October 10, 2009 will be Indianapolis’s annual AIDS Walk at University Park.

The board recognized Dr. Carrie Foote, Ph.D. for her birthday with a plaque, birthday cake, and a plant.  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Carrie”.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.