Application Requirements


To be considered eligible for the ISDH Public Health Practicum/Internship program, the applicant must be currently enrolled in a field of study that is relevant to the internship and be working towards a graduate or post-graduate degree. Applicants who graduate after starting the program may continue through their approved internship ending date.

To apply for an available internship, the student must submit:

  1. Completed ISDH Internship Application 
  2. Copy of resume
  3. Copy of internship expectations from the university and proof of enrollment in a course that requires internship hours
  4. Letter of interest that explains why the student may be best qualified for the internship, describes relevant experience, and explains how the internship will further academic and/or professional goals of the student

Once Accepted

Students interested in applying for an internship can email the Office of Public Health Policy and Performance Management at

Once a student has been interviewed and is accepted, the following documents and orientation are required in order for the student to begin work.

1. Student Intern Work Plan Agreement
2. An Applicant Disclosure and Release (Background Check)

3. Credential and Access Form (Only to be completed if intern will be in the building often)
4. Code of Ethics
5. Orientation*

*Students are required to complete orientation within their first week.  It is important that this is arranged in advance.  A block of time has been set aside for orientation on the second day of the work-week from 8:00am-11:30am. This orientation covers agency organization, safety protocols, HIPAA training, a building tour and document signing to solidify compliance with the policies and procedures of Indiana State Department of Health.

 Upon Completion of Internship

In order to better serve our students, and build upon the internship experience at ISDH, the Office of Public Health Performance Management requests that all interns complete an exit survey once they have completed their internship experience.  This form will not affect the students review for their course and will only be used internally to build upon the internship program.  All temporary ID badges and electronics should be returned to ISDH.