Annual Report Filing: Water and Wastewater

Pursuant to IC §§ 8-1-2-16; 8-1.5-3-14; 8-1-2-42.5 

Revisions to the 2016 Annual Report Forms include the following: A Glossary of Terms has been added to the forms; the certification page no longer needs to be notarized; the System Development Question has been removed in the Financial Section; and on Page W-7, if applicable, information regarding the rated capacity and actual capacity for each well is required.
Per Indiana Code § 8-1-31.5-17, if a utility serves 5,000 or more customers, actual revenues compared to approved revenues from the utility’s most recent rate case must be reported on page F-4.


  1. Download the appropriate annual report form based on utility type and classification (see below).
  2. Complete each question fully and accurately, even if it was answered in a prior annual report.
  3. Complete all schedules using the words "None" or "N/A," if not applicable.
  4. Round all numbers to the nearest dollar.
  5. Submit your completed annual report.

When submitting your annual report, please include the following:

  • Annual report
  • Copy of the signed verification page

Submit your report electronically using the Commission's Electronic Filing System.

2016 Forms

Investor-Owned Utilities

Municipal and Not-for-Profit Utilities


Please contact the Water and Wastewater Division at (317) 232-2750 or via email.