Rulemaking Process

In addition to state law, each agency develops and adopts its own rules and regulations, which can be found in the Indiana Administrative Code. Agencies may initiate their own changes to the rules or may be required to do so by state law. State law allows for the rulemaking process in order to improve the agencies' ability to regulate their industries and better serve the public.

In some cases, there may be only internal discussions to fix minor or procedural matters within a rule. However, for substantive matters, the IURC may schedule time for the rule development process, which can include technical conferences and public meetings with various stakeholders.

Rulemakings are listed using an IURC rulemaking number and a Legislative Services Agency number. An IURC rulemaking number (RM# XX-XX) is assigned according to the year and order in which it is initiated; whereas, a Legislative Services Agency number (LSA# XX-XX) is assigned after the notice of intent is published, according to the year and order in which it is received. 

The administrative rulemaking process generally takes about 10 months, once the notice of intent is published.