RM# 10-04 (LSA# 12-42) Public Comments

Public Comments

  • Cathy Burton:  PDF
  • Rosemary Huffman:  PDF
  • Indiana Energy Association:  PDF
  • Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives:  PDF
  • Indiana Tree Alliance - Jerry Baker:  PDF
  • Indiana Tree Alliance - Charles Goodman:  PDF
  • Henry Junkersfield:  PDF
  • Clarke Kahlo:  PDF
  • Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations:  PDF
  • Jan Marshall:  PDF
  • Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor:  PDF
  • Amy Rees:  PDF
  • David Rees:  PDF
  • Nancy Showalter:  PDF
  • MaryAnn Stevens:  PDF
  • Nora-Northside Community Council, Inc.:  PDF

Rulemaking Documents

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