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February 27, 2002




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission took steps attempting to increase telephone competition

in Indiana today, by approvingpricing for some unbundled network elements (UNEs).


In Cause No. 40618-S1, the Commissioners approved a settlement agreement submitted by Sprint, Verizon and Time Warner Telecom and the Office of the Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor which†† sets the parameters for the collocation of competitive local telephone companies at Verizon facilities.

Collocation occurs when a CLEC occupies space and locates equipment in anIncumbent Local Exchange Carrierís (ILECs ) Central office to provide services to its customers and interconnects with the ILEC.


The Telecommunications Act of 1996 entitles competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) to leaseall of the pieces of Verizonís network needed for competition or just apart of Verizonís local network, giving the competitors access to the same network elements that Verizon uses to serve its own retail customers.


Since 1998 the FCC has issued a number of orders on what new elements and services ILECs must offer to CLECs. To set the rates for these new elements and services, the IURC initiated Cause No. 40618-S1.Given the number of elements and services that needed new rates, the parties agreed to set the rates in phases.The collocation issue was addressed in the first phase.††


On May 7, 1998, in Cause No. 40618, the IURC issued an Order setting the rates for many elements of the services Verizon leases to competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). The IURC denied Verizonís request to increase the cost of capital, which was set in 40618