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July 10, 2001




On June 14, 2001, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved a three-way geographic split relief plan for the area now served by the 219 area code.  The new area code numbers will be 574 and 260.


On Wednesday, July 11, 2001, there will be a drawing to determine which region will keep the 219 area code, and what numbers will be assigned to the other regions.  That drawing will take place at the regular Conference hearing at 1:30 p.m., in the Commissioner’s Courtroom – Room E306 of the Indiana Government Center South, Indianapolis, Indiana.


The implementation of the 219 relief plan begins with the introduction of the new area codes through a series of educational efforts by the telephone companies.  It will be followed by a six-month “permissive” dialing period.  During that time, customers can use either the old 219 or the new area code to place calls within the new area code.


Mandatory use of the new area codes will begin mid-year, 2002.  When mandatory dialing takes effect, callers who do not use the new area code will receive a recorded message reminding them that the area code has been changed.  They will be required to redial the number using the correct area code.  The recorded reminder will be available for approximately three months.


The introduction of the new area codes will not affect the price of telephone calls.  Local calls will remain local calls regardless of the area code dialed.


The numbers are administered by NeuStar, Inc., which was selected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to serve as the Northern American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA).


NANPA is a neutral, third-party administrator that works with the telecommunications industry to develop area code relief plans, and oversees the assignment of area codes, three-digit center office codes, carrier identification codes and other numbering resources throughout the United States, Canada, Bermuda and many Caribbean islands.