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October 17, 2001




Today the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved an order that modifies the boundaries of the 219 area code split, and establishes a date for permissive dialing in the 219 area code to begin.


In Cause No. 41535, the Commissioners set January 15, 2002 as the effective date for permissive dialing to be in place for the 219 area code.   During this time both the new area code and the old area code will work.  After the permissive dialing period ends, the new area code must be used for all calls.


Also the Commissioners amended the boundaries for the new area codes it set in its June 14th order.   Rolling Prairie, La Porte, Westville, Union Mills and Hanna were moved from the 574 area code to the 219 area code.   Ligonier and Cromwell were moved from the 574 area code into the 260 area code.


The Commission considered community input, rate center distribution, unique demographics, population density and geographic identity in making the decisions to modify the boundaries.


Calls that were local before the area code split will remain local.