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For Immediate Release                                                                                            

February 23, 2001




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission today approved a new rate schedule for Sani Tech, Inc.

However the approved rate was much less than the company requested.


In Cause No. 41644, the company is allowed to adjust and increase its rates for sewer utility service by approximately 25% to $52 per month.  The current monthly rate for residential customers is $40.

The rate is intended to allow the company to recover its cash expenses of operation. 


Sani Tech Inc., which provides sewer utility service in rural areas of Morgan County, originally requested the authority to raise its rates to $115 per month and after negotiations with interveners revised the request to $87.


A public field hearing was conducted on August 17, 2000 near Mooresville, Indiana, in the vicinity

Of Sani Tech Inc.’s service area at the request of the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor and the Rolling Vista Estates Homeowner’s Association.


The new rates will be effective upon filing and approval by the Engineering Division and shall apply to sewer usage from and after the date of approval.