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May 31, 2001




Today the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved measures proposed by Cinergy to provide incentives to customers who help the electric utility conserve energy this summer.


The provisions in Cause No. 41875 are the result of a settlement agreement between the Office of the Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor, the Citizens Action Coalition and the Company.  The Commissioners believe the agreement reflects the growing customer interest in conservation and renewable energy options.


Residential programs included in the settlement include a continuation of the Home Energy House Call program, the Low Income Efficiency program and the Smart $averŪ programs with funding increases for each.   A new component of the program this year means the company will assist the Indiana Family and Social Service Administration in a refrigerator replacement program for low income Hoosiers.


The Mass Market Load Management Pilot is new this year.  It allows residential and small commercial customers a choice on how to use electricity based on the price.  Consumers can conserve energy at times of the day when the cost is higher, and use more at a time of the day when electricity costs less.   An example of this might be waiting until after the peak period in an afternoon to use the washer and dryer or run the dishwasher.


Another new pilot program gives customers incentives to install solar panels, which convert sunlight to energy.


Cinergy supplies electricity to more than 700,000 customers in 69 counties in the central, north central and southern parts of Indiana.