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For Immediate Release                                                                 

April 4, 2001




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission today approved the sale of Community Utilities of Gary to

The Merrillville Conservancy District.


In Cause No. 41923 the Commission found that the District has the technical, managerial and financial capability to provide sewer service to customers of Community Utilities of Gary.


In testimony before the IURC, District Coordinator Christine V. Savarese said that the District is much larger than Community Utilities and has the resources to “assure the provision of reliable service in years to come.”  She also said that the District has made improvements to its existing sewage works system and will provide service to existing customers of Community Utilities from the District’s treatment plant.


The Commissioners find that the transfer is in the public interest.  The Certificate of Territorial Authority granted to Community Utilities is cancelled and after the purchase is complete and the Commission will no longer exercise jurisdiction over Community Utilities.


Community Utilities provides sewage services to an estimated 925 people in Lake County, Indiana.