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July 10, 2002




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission today approved a settlement between Ramsey Water and the Town of Georgetown and the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor that will result in higher water rates for customers of Ramsey Water.


In Cause no 42042, the settlement approved by the Commissioners will allow Ramsey Water to recover the cost of recent improvements at a reasonable cost to customers.  A customer who uses 5,300 gallons of water a month will see an increase of roughly $4.43 a month.


Ramsey’s current schedule of rates and charges was approved in 1998.    At that time, the Commission required that Ramsey perform a cost of service study after the completion of the capital improvement projects approved in the order.   Ramsey determined that a rate increase was needed to provide sufficient revenue to recover the costs of operating and maintaining Ramsey’s system.


In addition to revising the wholesale water agreement between Ramsey Water and the Town of Georgetown and settling a boundary dispute between the neighboring utilities, the settlement also lays the foundation for future growth. 


Ramsey Water provides water to approximately 4,800 retail and wholesale customers in Harrison, Floyd and Crawford Counties.