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For Immediate Release                                                        

February 20, 2002




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission today endorsed and recognized the Indiana 211 Partnership as the administrator and authorized party to use the 211 dialing code in Indiana.


In Cause No. 42098, the Commissioners agree that the use of 211 dialing will offer Indiana residents a simpler, more direct way to access necessary non-commercial community information and human services.  The Partnership presents an opportunity to enhance the value of the 211 dialing code by planning to implement its use on a coordinated, statewide basis. 


 The Partnership is an Indiana non-profit corporation formed in November 2000, as a public benefit corporation.  The Partnership has 28 general members, who reflect a broad coalition of Indiana information and referral services.  Its operation is under the full time direction of an executive director who is an employee of the Indiana Association of United Ways, Inc.


In November 2000, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recognized that the designation of a uniform national code would simplify access to information and would make that information available to new members of communities as well as existing residents.


In today’s Interim Order, the Commission ordered a technical conference to determine the specifics of how the 211 service will work. Some of the areas to be addressed are:


1) How the Partnership’s 211 service will work with wireless providers.

2) How it plans to fund on an ongoing basis, both publicly and privately, its operations.

3) Concrete information regarding operating costs, including translation costs, as well as revenue.

4) How the Partnership will ensure that the call center representatives are trained and certified to handle crisis intervention calls.


The Indiana 211 Partnership Inc. is required to file a report with the Commission, which spells out its progress on the implementation of the system on February 18, 2003.