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June 10, 2002




It’s time for residents in northern Indiana to begin using their new area codes.  For the past few months, callers could dial 219 or their new area code and the call would connect.  But, beginning June 14th the mandatory dialing begins—and callers must use the new area code.

Forty-five days after June 14, callers will hear a recorded message, which explains that they must use the new area code and they will be instructed to redial.


Calls to 911 will not be affected.  Local calling areas and rates will not change.  


On June 14, 2001, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved a three-way geographic split relief plan for the area now served by the 219 area code.   The split became necessary because the phone companies were quickly using up the prefix codes, which are the first three numbers of a seven-digit phone number.   The geographic split was found to be the least disruptive in the long term, providing relief from congestion for the longest period of time, which is projected to be approximately 20-years.


Because the areas were so similar, the Commission held a drawing in July 2001 to determine which geographic area would keep the 219 area code. By the luck of the draw the northwest third of Indiana, which includes the Gary-Lake County area, kept the 219 area code.  The middle section, which includes the South Bend-Elkhart area, was assigned the 574 area code and the northeast third, which includes the Fort Wayne area, was given the 260 area code.


A detailed map which shows cities and counties can be accessed at www.in.gov/iurc.