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You may use the following form to contact the Indiana Courts webmaster. The webmaster is the appropriate person to contact if you:

  • would like to report a broken link or an error on the Indiana Courts website;
  • would like to report technical problems with an online service (e.g., child support calculators, opinions, etc.); or
  • need help finding particular information on the Indiana Courts website (e.g., a particular document or contact).

Before contacting the webmaster to report a technical problem, please visit our Technical Help website, which may contain information about the problem you are having. Before contacting the webmaster to seek help finding a particular document or other information, please try searching the site using the search function in the upper right corner of the page or visit the Law Library website, which contains hundreds of links to documents, forms, and publications.

Please Note: the Indiana Courts Webmaster cannot provide support or assistance with legal issues and cannot offer legal advice.