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Lilia G. Judson, Esq.
Interim Chief Administrative Officer

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Administrative Forms

Various administrative forms for judges, including Extension of Wiretap, Application for Approval Pursuant to TR 77, and Destruction Certification forms Pursuant to AR6.

Court Forms

Various court forms including Domestic Violence forms, Protection Order forms, Appearance forms, Motions and Orders to Dismiss, and more.

Bulk Data Request Forms

Access information about bulk data and compiled information request forms including a user agreement for bulk distribution of data not excluded from public access.

Judicial Qualifications Forms

The only Judicial Qualifications form available is the Complaint Against a Judge. Please be certain to read about the complaint process and follow directions for submitting this form if you wish to file a complaint.

Benefits and Payroll Forms

Access benefits and payroll forms for trial court judges, senior judges, special judges, magistrates, and county prosecutors.

Public Defender Commission Forms

Various forms for reporting and reimbursement in connection with the Public Defender Commission.

Senior Judge Forms

Access various forms and related documents for senior judges.

Statistics Reporting Forms

Access the QCSR for trial courts and small claims courts, revenue and budget reporting forms, court reporter forms, and Probation reporting forms.