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State Court Administration > Programs & Projects > Court Reform Grants > Financial Forms for 2010 Grant Recipients Financial Forms for 2010 Grant Recipients

The financial forms below are intended to assist you in preparing a budget and allocating funds for your Court Reform Grant ("CRG") project. The proposed budget submitted in conjunction with your Court Reform Grant application should later be amended to reflect the amount of CRG funds awarded and how these funds will be allocated. Cash Request Forms, used by the Division to disburse CRG funds, should be submitted whenever the recipient county receives a vendor invoice. Quarterly Financial Reports are used by both the Division and the recipient county to conduct periodic evaluations of the project and to track grant funds spent to date.

  • Budget Form [for use in preparing your project's budget]
  • Cash Request Form [to be submitted for each disbursement of Court Reform Grant funds]
  • Quarterly Financial Reports [to assist recipient courts and the Division in tracking grant funds spent to date. These forms must be submitted for quarters ending 9/30/10; 12/31/10; and 3/31/11.]
  • Final Financial Report [to be submitted for the quarter ending 6/30/11.]
  • Six Month Progress Report [to be submitted in conjunction with the second Quarterly Financial Report (for quarter ending 12/31/10). This report is used to assist the Division in analyzing the recipient court's progress in achieving its stated goals.]
  • Grant Closing Report [to be submitted within 30 days of End of Project Period]