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Under Administrative Rule 9(F), requests for bulk distribution of court records must be sent to the Indiana Office of Court Services (IOCS) for review and approval. IOCS has developed a User Agreement that requestors must execute prior to being authorized to receive bulk data that is non-confidential and not excluded from public access under Administrative Rule 9(F)(3).

Summary Approval Process for Certain Bulk Data and Compiled Information Requests

Under circumstances related to scholarly, journalistic, political, governmental, evaluation or statistical research activities by individuals or entities, IOCS may grant summary approval for a distribution of compiled information under Administrative Rule 9(F)(2)(b).

Bulk Data and Compiled Information from Courts Using the Odyssey Case Management System

Once all requirements of Administrative Rule 9(F)(3) are met, including the complete execution of the User Agreement, or summary approval granted, IOCS will provide the approved data directly to the requestor.

Bulk Data and Compiled Information from Courts Not Using the Odyssey Case Management System

Once all requirements of Administrative Rule 9(F)(3) are met, including the complete execution of the User Agreement, or summary approval granted, IOCS provides authorization for the requestor to work with individual courts/clerks to obtain information within the scope of their request. The local trial court or clerk must then determine whether the information sought is consistent with the purposes of this rule, that resources are available to prepare the information, and that fulfilling the request is an appropriate use of public resources. The grant of a request may be made contingent upon the requestor paying an amount which the local trial court determines is the fair market value of the information. Individual local trial courts and clerks may be unable to provide bulk data resulting from current technical limitations or staffing limitations.

Media Request to Local Trial Court and Clerks - Administrative Rule 9(F)(2)(c)

Courts and clerks within a judicial circuit may provide non-confidential information from their case management system in response to a news media request for information that is normally available to the public via public access.

Requests for Confidential Data or Compiled Information - Administrative Rule 9(F)(4)

Under Administrative Rule 9(F)(4), requests for bulk distribution of court records may also cover records that are confidential and excluded from public access. These requests require an order from the Indiana Supreme Court before the records may be released. The prerequisites that must be met to request and receive these records are specified in Administrative Rule 9(F)(4) and allow only the Supreme Court to grant the requests.

This web page will be updated with the status of bulk data requests as IOCS processes them.

Please forward any questions or concerns about this process to:

Richard Payne (Confidential and Non-Confidential Requests)
phone: 317-232-2542
fax: 317-233-6586

Bulk Data Request Forms

NOTE: The following documents have large file sizes, so it is recommended that you view them only over a high speed Internet connection.

User Agreements for Non-Confidential Bulk Data Requests [Rule 9(F)(3)]

Organization Date
Explore Information Services 11.14.16
Data Trace Information 11.03.16
Cybersoft, Inc. 01.07.15
Doxpop, LLC 12.03.15
Data Divers Technologies 12.04.15
Computer Systems, Inc. 12.03.15
Drivers History Information 12.11.15
Fidelity National 02.04.16
Insurance Information Exchange 12.09.15
West Publishing 01.19.16
Innovative Enterprises 02.16.16
Mike Norris 04.07.15
Indiana Attorney General 06.16.15
Background Checks 11.14.16
Indiana Attorney General Office 11.14.16
Sian Mughan 03.31.16
BKD, LLP 04.05.16
Corelogic LLC 04.04.16
Experian Public Records 06.01.16
Amanda Gray 06.28.16

Approved Requests for Confidential Bulk Data Requests [Rule 9(F)(4)]

Organization Date
U.S. District Court 11.15.16
U.S. District Court, Northern District 11.04.16
POLIS Center 02.01.16
Indiana Criminal Justice Institute 02.18.16
Margaret Brinig 04.22.16
Margaret Brinig 2 11.14.16
Madison Problem-Solving Courts 04.20.17