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Though the Division of State Court Administration, the Indiana Judicial Center and the Indiana Association of Circuit Court Clerks all provide resources, training, and guidance for elected judges and clerks, the large volume of information a judge or clerk needs to do their job effectively is significant. Countless rules, statutes and standards directly impact the daily work of both judges and clerks who must become familiar with and utilize them on a regular basis.

This manual—divided into categories of summary information on each topic—provides an introduction to issues that judges and clerks most often confront. Each document contains links to the full text of Indiana Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions, Indiana Code text and Indiana Supreme Court rules, forms, and other publications and resources.

Rules and statutes are frequently amended. While these documents are available in PDF format for easy printing, the files on this website will always be the most up-to-date version available.

The last page of each document references the most up-to date version.


Case Initiation & Filings

Court Rules

Judicial Officers: Authority & Responsibility

Procedural Issues

Special Processes & Procedures

Court & Clerk Records: Access & Maintenance


Appeals & Appellate Decisions

Dealing with Emergencies