Indiana Supreme Court
Division of State Court Administration
30 S. Meridian Street, Ste. 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Lilia G. Judson, Esq.
Executive Director

David J. Remondini, Esq.
Chief Deputy Executive Director

Pho: 317-232-2542
Fax: 317-233-6586

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General Contact Information

Indiana Supreme Court
Division of State Court Administration

30 South Meridian Street, Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204

317.232.2542 (phone)
317.233.6586 (fax)

Staff Directory

Lilia G. Judson Executive Director 317.232.2542
David J. Remondini Chief Deputy Executive Director 317.232.2542
Robin Beasley Court Reporter Subject Matter Expert 317.234.2604
Lindsey Borschel Creative Services 317.234.2604
Robert Boyle Senior Systems Analyst 317.233.2782
Valerie Brooks Benefits Manager/Fiscal Officer 317.234.1874
Andy Cain MIS Director 317.234.2604
Kelly Campbell Project Manager 317.234.2876
Mary Carey Administrative Support Staff, Trial Court Management 317-232-2543
Tom Carusillo Director of Trial Court Services 317.232.2542
Kathleen Casey Staff Attorney 317.233.3017
Yolanda Collins Administrative Support Staff 317.232.7759
Michael Commons Staff Attorney 317.233.1579
Erica Costello Adult Guardianship Staff Attorney 317.234.5562
Carl Cowan Field Support Specialist, Protection Order Registry 317.234.5994
Elizabeth Daulton Staff Attorney 317.234.7155
Mary DePrez Director and Counsel for Trial Court Technology 317.234.2604
Janelle Dewitt Field Support Specialist 317.234.3624
Jim Diller Court Analyst 317.233.2312
Kathryn Dolan Public Information Officer 317.232.2542
Leslie Rogers Dunn State Director 317.233.0224
LaJuan Epperson Project Manager 317.234.2870
Kevin Foster Systems Analyst 317.233.2783
Krystal Grimes Administrative Support Staff 317.234.3824
Ryan Hassebroek Senior Support Specialist 317.234.3316
Ashley Hayden   Administrative Support Staff  317.234.1452 
Jesse Herzberg Systems Analyst n/a
Dawn Hillier Field Support Specialist 317.234.5990
Linda Hunter Administrative Support Staff, Executive Director 317.234.3859
Angela James Court Analyst/Report Specialist 317.234.1871
Thomas Q. Jones Records Manager 317.233.3695
Angela Joseph Staff Attorney 317.234.3935
Sarah Kidwell Outreach Coordinator 317.234.3055
Laura Kincaid Field Support Specialist 317.234.3084
Mary Kronoshek Administrative Support Staff, Trial Court Technology 317.234.2710
Stephanie Lalani Accounts/Payroll Assistant 317.234.6156
Rusty Lowe Director, Appellate IT Operations 317.233.0225
Teresa Lyles Program Coordinator 317.233.2784
Jim Maguire Staff Attorney 317.232.2542
Derrick Mason Staff Attorney 317.234.2905
Adrienne Meiring Counsel, Judicial Qualifications Commission 317.232.4706
Robin Meyers Administrative Support Staff 317.232.4706
Paula Mikesell Field Support Specialist, Help Desk 317.234.3818
Ginalee Nieman Odyssey Deployment Manager 317.234.3625
Elizabeth Osborn Coordinator for Court History & Public Education Programs 317.233.8682
Annette Page Project Manager, eCWS 317.234.3064
Jasmine Parson  Staff Attorney  317.234.1376 
Richard T. Payne Staff Attorney 317.234.5398
Teresa Payne Business Analyst 317.233-1578
Jennifer Pinkston Accounts/Payroll Manager 317.232.7591
Robert Rath Director, Appellate Court Technology 317.234.6529
Erskine Reeves Field Support Specialist 317.234.5678
Ruth Reichard Domestic Violence Resource Attorney 317.233.0784
Lindsay Reynolds Administrative Support Staff 317.234.6528
Brenda F. Rodeheffer Director, Office and Employment Law Services 317.234.3936
Mark Roth Deputy Director, Appellate IT Operations 317.233.3710
Armindo Ruivo Senior Support Specialist 317.234.6585
Jill Russell Project Manager 317.234.2734
Brandie Spencer Administrative Support Staff 317.232.2542
David Steward MIS Deputy Director 317.233.2778
Gaye Lynn Strickland Business Analyst 317.234.3487
Jayme Taylor Field Support Specialist, Help Desk 317.234.7155
Lisa Thompson Probation Subject Matter Expert 317.234.6586
Anthony Warfield Office and Fiscal Manager 317.234.2712
Kathy Wasson Field Support Specialist, eCWS 317.234.6262
Jeff Wiese Director, Trial Court Management 317.234.1873
ChiQuita Williams Associate Field Support Specialist 317.234.5990
Dave Williams Project Manager 317.234.2926
Scott Wolting Help Desk/Trainer 317.234.6253