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Bradley Skolnik

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In 1931, the General Assembly enacted the following:

“The Supreme Court of this state shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to admit attorneys to practice law in all courts of the state under such rules and regulations as it may prescribe.” Acts, 1931, Ch.63, p. 150.

In July 1931, the Supreme Court of Indiana adopted rules regulating admission to the practice of law in Indiana. Under these laws an applicant was required to take an examination to determine his professional fitness. A Board of Law Examiners was appointed to conduct examinations and a Committee on Character and Fitness was established.

Today, the State Board of Law Examiners is responsible for the admission of attorneys, the certification of legal interns and the formation and renewal of professional corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships for the legal profession. The Committee on Character and Fitness now numbers over 300 lawyers and interviews personally all applicants to the bar.

Cathleen M. Shrader,  President
Fort Wayne

Charlotte F. Westerhaus-Renfrow, Treasurer

Gary K. Kemper

Hon. Barbara L. Brugnaux
Terre Haute

Shelice R. Tolbert
Crown Point

Kathryn H. Burroughs, Vice President

Prof. Michael J. Jenuwine, Secretary
South Bend

Scott B. Ainsworth

Hon. David R. Bolk
Terre Haute

Jane Ann Himsel



Bradley Skolnik
Executive Director

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