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The Indiana Judicial Center provides training opportunities for Court Alcohol and Drug Program staff at various times during the year. The calendars and training registration information is located on the court services calendar. You must be employed in a IJC certified Court Alcohol and Drug Program to be eligible to attend these trainings.  All professional staff members must obtain and maintain a Court Substance Abuse Management Specialist (CSAMS) credential, and will be allowed two (2) years from the date of first hire as a professional staff member to complete the requirements for the CSAMS credential.

Staff Orientation is required by all professional staff members, including directors, within one (1) year of hire as a proffessional staff member. This training includes an overview of Court Alcohol and Drug Programs including the applicable administrative Rules and statutes, an overview of the programs orientation, assessment and referral processes, confidentiality, ethics, drug testing, communicable diseases, case management, and the principles of effective interventions.

To view upcoming training and exam dates, go to the Court Services Calendar.

Please contact the IJC office for questions or additional information on training and education.

Court Substance Abuse Management Specialist (CSAMS) credentials and training