Program Support

The Indiana Judicial Center provides support for Court Alcohol and Drug programs by providing the following:


  • Required of each participating program by Judicial Conference Rules.
  • Standards developed from statutes, Judicial Conference Rules and Indiana Judicial Center procedures.
  • Programs reviewed, at least, once every four years for certification.
  • Certification Reviews conducted by Indiana Judicial Center staff.
  • Appeals procedure and oversight provided by CADPAC.


  • Annual Meeting held for supervising judges, program directors, and staff.
  • Workshops conducted for program directors and staff, as needed.
  • Staff Orientation provided to new staff.
  • Program Orientation provided for new directors and supervising judges.

Scholarship Program

  • Provided for judges, program directors, and staff to participate in extraordinary learning opportunities.
  • Scholarships pay 80% of selected expenses up to $1,000.

Grant Program

  • Initiated June 1999 for A&D programs to upgrade their curriculum, technology, or equipment.
  • Consulting grants for program improvement initiated January 2000.
  • Grants pay up to $2,500 on a matching basis.


Staff to assist programs with legal, administrative, or operational matters.

  • Program Newsletter highlighting programs, events, and information (temporarily discontinued).
  • Collaboration with various private associations and public agencies.
  • Working with other governmental agencies on a comprehensive response to addictions.