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Sarah Kidwell
Outreach Coordinator

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Outstanding Public
History Project Award
from the National Council
on Public History

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In an effort to educate students about the history and function of Indiana's courts, the Indiana Supreme Court provides several opportunities. Contact Sarah Kidwell at to learn about these events.

Columbus Oral ArgumentJoin us online for an Oral Argument in Corydon

Typically, the Court holds about 60 oral arguments at the State House in Indianapolis each year. Occasionally, it schedules arguments outside the capital to allow the press and public in other areas of the state an opportunity to attend an argument. The next traveling oral argument will take place in Corydon in April 2016. Learn More »

Constitution & Citizenship Day Participate in Constitution Day

This interactive program commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. The content of this program varies each year. A previous program featured remarks by various speakers including judges and other state officials, interaction with members of the media, and participation in a Constitutional Treasure Hunt with the help of law clerks and staff attorneys from the federal and state courts. In 2013, trial court judges visited schools in their community to talk about the amendment process. Learn More »

Constitution & Citizenship Day Attend our Jury Program

Jury service is one of the most important responsibilities of citizenship. Unfortunately, many people think of jury service as something to be avoided. This program seeks to change this negative perception by teaching students about both the constitutional provisions related to juries and the actual experience of being summoned to serve on a jury. Learn More »

Constitution & Citizenship Day Take a State House Tour

Indiana's Statehouse, a building of outstanding architectural beauty, has served as a center of civic life in Indiana since 1888. Plan your visit, read about the history of the building, or schedule a tour. Learn More »

Constitution & Citizenship Day Visit the Supreme Court for Oral Arguments

Public Supreme Court proceedings are called "oral arguments," which provide the Justices with the opportunity to ask attorneys questions about the cases. Members of the public may attend Supreme Court oral arguments, and seats are provided on a first come, first served basis. Learn More »