Justice Biographies

Justice William Z. Stuart

(Thirteenth Justice)

Justice William Z. Stuart

Justice Stuart was born December 25, 1811, in Dedham, Massachusetts, and died May 6, 1876, at Clifton Springs, New York.513

He lived in Massachusetts with his parents until age nine when the family returned to Scotland.514 He studied under his mother, who was a well-educated teacher. At the age of fourteen, he ran away from home and returned to the United States, arriving without money or other assistance.515 He worked as a drug store clerk while he studied medicine at Amherst College, where he graduated in 1833.516 He studied law, moved to Indiana, and was admitted to the Indiana bar in 1837.517 He was prosecuting attorney in the 8th Circuit from 1843 to 1845, and served as an Indiana State Representative from 1851 to 1852. He was elected to the Indiana Supreme Court in 1852, but resigned in 1858 to become an attorney for a railroad company.518

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