Justice Biographies

Justice John T. Scott

(Twenty-ninth Justice)

Justice John T. Scott

Justice Scott was born May 6, 1831, in Glasgow, Kentucky, and died December 29, 1891.465

He attended public school in Glasgow until he was fourteen years old and then became an apprentice harnessmaker. He entered Franklin College in Tennessee at age nineteen. He attended Franklin College for two years, coming to Indiana in 1853, where he was employed as a surveyor on the railroad between Indianapolis and Decatur, Illinois.466

He began practicing law in 1856 in Montezuma, Indiana, and in 1860, he was elected district attorney for the 10th Indiana Common Pleas District.467 He was re-elected in 1862, and moved to Terre Haute where he finished his term. He reentered private law practice until he was elected judge of the Common Pleas Court of Vigo County in 1868.468 He was re-elected to this office in 1872, but only held the position until the court was abolished by the legislature in 1873.469 In 1875, he was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Indiana State Normal School and served in this capacity until December 29, 1879.470 At that time, he was appointed to the Indiana Supreme Court by Governor Williams, to fill a vacancy created by the death of Justice Samuel Perkins.471 He served on the Indiana Supreme Court until January 5, 1881, when he was defeated in his reelection bid.472 He then returned to private practice until his death.473

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