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Justice Leonard J. Hackney

(Forty-first Justice)

Justice Hackney

Justice Hackney was born March 29, 1855, in Edinburgh, Indiana, and died October 3, 1938, in Winter Park, Florida.306

He received very little public school education.307 In 1871, he was employed in the law office of Hord & Blair in Shelbyville, Indiana, where he later became an assistant.308 From 1873 to 1874, he was employed in the law office of John W. Kern in Kokomo, Indiana.309 He then became a clerk in the law firm of Baker, Hord, & Hendricks in Indianapolis and studied law there.310

In 1876, he returned to Shelbyville, Indiana and opened a law office.311 He was elected prosecuting attorney of the 16th Indiana Judicial Circuit in 1878 and, after serving one term, resumed his private practice.312 On November 17, 1888, he took his seat on the bench of the 16th Indiana Circuit Court.313 He was elected to the Indiana Supreme Court in 1892, assuming his official duties on January 2, 1893, and remained there until January 2, 1899.314

In 1905, he became an attorney for the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, & St. Louis Railway Company.315

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