Justice Biographies

Justice Leander John Monks

(Forty-sixth Justice)

Justice Leander John Monks

Justice Monks, in his autobiographical sketch, states that he was born July 10, 1843, in Winchester, Indiana.410 He died April 19, 1919, in Indianapolis.411

He entered Indiana University in 1861 and stayed there until 1863. He was admitted to the Indiana bar in 1865. He practiced with various attorneys until 1878, when he was elected a circuit judge. He was twice re-elected and served until his election to the Indiana Supreme Court in 1894. He served eighteen years on the Indiana Supreme Court, from January 7, 1895 until January 7, 1913. He was chief justice in 1904.412

After leaving the bench he practiced law in Indianapolis. He is the author of the extremely valuable Courts and Lawyers of Indiana.413

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