Justice Biographies

Justice David Albert Myers

(Fifty-eighth Justice)

Justice David Albert Myers

Justice Myers was born August 5, 1859, in Cass County, Indiana, and died July 1, 1955, in Greensburg, Indiana.

He attended Smithson College, Danville Normal College, and Union University. He received a law degree from Union (now Albany) Law School at Albany, New York in 1882.419

He began practicing law in 1883 at Greensburg, Indiana. In 1886, he was elected city attorney of Greensburg, Indiana. In 1899, he was appointed judge of the 8th Indiana Judicial District. In 1890 and 1892, he served as county prosecutor for the Decatur-Rush Judicial District.420 In 1904, he was appointed judge of the 1st District Indiana Appellate Court and was subsequently elected to the post, serving until 1913. He was elected to the Indiana Supreme Court in 1916, and re-elected in 1922 and 1928, serving altogether from January 1, 1917, to December 31, 1934. In thirty years as a member of Indiana's two highest courts, he served under eleven governors.421

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