Justice Biographies

Justice Floyd S. Draper

(Eighty-second Justice)

Justice Draper

Justice Draper was born October 17, 1893, in Fulton, New York, and died March 20, 1980, in Bradenton, Florida.161

Justice Draper received his legal education at Valparaiso University Law School, where he graduated with honors in 1915.162 His first public service was in 1923 when he became chief deputy prosecutor for Lake County, Indiana.163 In 1939, he served as city attorney of Gary, Indiana.164 He was elected to serve on the Indiana Court of Appeals in 1942 and was re-elected in 1946.165 His Indiana Supreme Court term was from January 2, 1951 to January 10, 1955.166 He resigned from the court a year before the expiration of his term because of the poor health of his brother, Alfred P. Draper.167 He retired from his legal practice in 1958, but accepted an appointment to the Lake County Criminal Court from Governor Handley in 1960.168

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