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Approved sponsors enjoy a presumption of course approval as long as the course meets the criteria of the Indiana Supreme Court Admission and Discipline Rule 29 on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education §3(a). In determining whether a course meets this standard, the Commission shall consider whether:

(i) the course has substantial legal content.
(ii) the course deals with matters related directly to the practice of law or the professional responsibility of Attorneys or Judges.
(iii) each faculty member who has teaching responsibility in the course is qualified by academic work or practical experience to teach the assigned subject.
(iv) the physical setting for the course is suitable, including the availability of a writing surface and accessibility to persons with disabilities.
(v) high quality written materials including notes and outlines are available at or prior to the time the course is offered to all Attorneys or Judges who enroll.
(vi) the course is of sufficient length to provide a substantial educational experience. Courses of less than one (1) hour will be reviewed carefully to determine if they furnish a substantial educational experience.
(vii) there are live presentations; or there is a licensed Indiana attorney, whose function shall be to certify attendance to accompany the replaying of tapes.
(viii) the applicant has sufficiently identified those portions of a seminar that should be accredited. It shall be the duty of an applicant to apply separately for the accreditation of the legal portions of a seminar, where the substance of the seminar is not entirely legal. The Commission may deny accreditation for an entire program where separate application is not made and where a significant portion of the program is not continuing legal education.
(ix) the course is designed for and targeted to Attorneys or Judges.

To qualify as an approved sponsor, the Commission will consider whether:

  1. the Sponsor has presented a minimum of an average of five Approved Courses per year for the previous three years.
  2. the courses within the previous three years were substantively legal and primarily targeted to Attorneys or Judges.
  3. the Sponsor has observed Commission Rules, Guidelines and Policies with regard to advertising, application requirements and attendance reporting.
  4. courses within the previous three years were high quality and advanced the education of Attorneys or Judges.
  5. the Sponsor has substantially complied with requests from the Commission.
  6. courses have been denied accreditation by the Commission during the previous three years and the reasons for the denials.

The Commission requires approved sponsors to send a brochure at least thirty (30) days before the program is presented.

After the course is presented, approved sponsors of CLE courses shall provide to the Commission within thirty (30) days:

1.   A certification stating:
      a. the full name,
      b. address,
      c. attorney number,
      d. date of course, and
      e. the name of the educational course for all Indiana Attorneys in attendance.

2.   A certification stating:
      a. the number of ethics, and
      b. continuing legal education hours completed by each Attorney.
(i). The number of hours of continuing legal education completed in any course by an Attorney shall be computed by:
a. determining the total instruction time expressed in minutes,
b. dividing the total instruction time by sixty (60), and
c. rounding the quotient up to the nearest one-tenth (1/10).
(ii). Instruction time is the amount of time a course is in session and does not include time spent on:
            a.  introductory remarks,
            b.  breaks,
            c.  business meetings, or
            d.  Q & A sessions, which occupy more than ten (10) minutes per hour of instruction.

3. A copy of the course brochure or course outline.