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IC 16-41-9-1.5
Isolation; quarantine; notice; hearing; orders; renewal; crime; rules
Sec. 1.5. (a) If a public health authority has reason to believe that:
(1) an individual:

  1. has been infected with; or
  2. has been exposed to a dangerous communicable disease or outbreak; and

(2) the individual is likely to cause the infection of an uninfected individual if the individual is not restricted in the individual's ability to come into contact with an uninfected individual;
the public health authority may petition a circuit or superior court for an order imposing isolation or quarantine on the individual. A petition for isolation or quarantine filed under this subsection must be verified and include a brief description of the facts supporting the public health authority's belief that isolation or quarantine should be imposed on an individual, including a description of any efforts the public health authority made to obtain the individual's voluntary compliance with isolation or quarantine before filing the petition.

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Template Orders of Isolation & Quarantine