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"A Judge's Reference Guide To Language Interpretation In Indiana Courts"

The Commission's Interim Recommendation, dated June 21, 2002, discussed judicial training on interpreter issues under Recommendation VIII, Orientation and Training. To assist in this effort, the Commission soon there after adopted "A Judge's Reference Guide To Language Interpretation in Indiana Courts." This document discusses many issues related to proper court interpreting.

Executive Report

The Commission has issued to the Indiana Supreme Court a final report containing recommendations for enhancing race and gender fairness within the Indiana judicial system. The Commission has provided assistance, as the Supreme Court desires, in implementing recommendations adopted by the Supreme Court. Since its inception, the Commission has researched statistical census, demographic data, and a wide range of issues that effect people in the judiciary because of race, gender, or both.

Interim Recommendation of the Commission

This report discusses the Commission's recommendation that the State of Indiana investigate the creation of a court interpreter program.