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Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard"Those of us who were college students in the sixties and seventies possessed a confidence that many things about America and the world could and would be changed once we got the chance. Among the long list of things we thought could be fixed, I will mention two which we were certain we could remedy: the environment and discrimination against women and minorities. Well, it's not solved. And as I grow to understand more personally that life has an end as well as a beginning, I do not relish the prospect of looking back over my shoulder at the next generation and feeling forced to say, 'I'm sorry. We didn't get the job done.' "

Randall T. Shepard
Former Chief Justice of Indiana

Myra Selby"It is essential that the judicial system convey to the public its appreciation for the goal of racial and gender fairness. Our nation has long been struggling with racial and gender discrimination and it may be that we will never see that perfect day when such attitudes do not exist. However, the judiciary, charged as it is with protecting individual rights, has a heightened level of responsibility to foster and promote equality. The judiciary must lead the efforts to achieve unprecedented fairness in the judicial system ."

Myra Selby
former Indiana Supreme Court Justice

At the urging of former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Myra C. Selby, the Court created its Commission on Race and Gender Fairness in late 1999. Justice Selby, now engaged in the private practice of law, is the chair of the Commission. The Honorable Ezra Friedlander, a judge with the Indiana Court of Appeals, is the co-chair.

The mission of the Commission on Race and Gender Fairness is to study and make recommendations on race and gender issues in Indiana's judicial system. It also is charged with the task of investigating ways to improve race and gender fairness in the courts, legal system, among legal service providers, state and local government, and among public organizations.

If you would like more information about the Commission and its activities, please look around this website or contact the Commission at (317) 232-2542.