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Submitting These Forms

Completed forms should be attached to an email and submitted to Teresa Lyles, Program Coordinator, at

If you have questions about these forms, contact Teresa Lyles at  or 317-232-2542 or (800) 542.0813 -OR- Leslie Dunn at or 317-232-2542.

2013 GAL/CASA Quarterly Statistics Report Form (Quarter 4-Due January 10, 2014)

The Quarterly Statistics Report Form is available as a Microsoft Excel document. You must have Microsoft Excel 2000 or newer installed on your computer to use this form. The form is designed to be completed in Excel—with responses typed directly into the answer fields provided in the form—saved, and then emailed to the Program Coordinator. You can print a copy of the form for your records, but you should submit an electronic file, not a printed file.

NOTE: If you open the document and cannot see the scroll bars on the right or the tabs for the sheets at the bottom, this means the document is open within a window of Excel that is not maximized. If you DO NOT see two rows of “X” in the upper right hand corner, this is the case. To fix it, place your cursor on the bar that displays the file name and double click, this will maximize it on the screen and your scroll bars and tabs will be visible.

Right-click the link below, then select 'Save Target As' (IE) or 'Save Link As' (Firefox and Chrome) to download.