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Interpreter candidates working towards certification should be aware of the following administrative guidelines:

1. The Indiana Supreme Court Interpreter Certification Program is a 6-part program that must be completed in its entirety (with the exception of candidates who are granted reciprocity) in order for an interpreter to be deemed certified. A candidate must complete the orientation workshop before he or she can take the written exam. Upon passing the written exam, the candidate must attend a skills building workshop before he or she will be eligible to sit for the oral exam. Upon passing the oral exam, the candidate must successfully complete a criminal background check and must agree to uphold the standards in the Indiana Supreme Court Interpreter Code of Conduct and Procedure.

2. The registration fee for orientation is $75. The registration fee for skills building also is $75 (candidates should not pay for the skills building workshop until after they have passed the written exam). Please submit your registration form along with payment by personal or company check or money order to the Division of State Court Administration at 30 South Meridian Street, Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Our office does not accept cash payments nor does the office accept faxed registration forms. All interpreter candidates must mail their registration forms along with payment in order to be considered registered for the upcoming session.

3. Once a candidate has completed the skills building workshop, the candidate has two (2) years to complete the remaining requirements for certification. If the candidate fails to complete the program requirements within two (2) years, he or she will have to retake the skills building workshop.

4. If a candidate passes one or two sections of the oral exam but fails to pass the entire exam in one sitting, the candidate may sign up to take the oral exam the next time it is offered. At that time, the candidate only will be required to retake the portions that the candidate did not pass. The candidate must pass all portions of the oral exam within two (2) years of when he or she takes skills building. If the candidate does not pass the oral examination within that timeframe, the candidate will be required to retake skills building before sitting for the oral examination again.

5. There is no fee associated with taking the written exam or for taking the oral exam the first time as long as the candidate takes the exam at the next testing session. For individuals who are retaking the oral exam, there is a fee of $25 for each section for which the candidate is retesting (thus, a maximum of $75 if retaking the entire oral exam). Candidates retaking the oral exam must pay the fee for the exam before the candidate's exam date and time will be confirmed. Payment may be made by personal or company check or money order to the Division of State Court Administration at 30 South Meridian Street, Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

6. A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

7. A candidate who wishes to cancel a scheduled oral exam should contact the Division of State Court Administration at 317-234-3542 at least one week prior to the exam date in order to avoid paying administrative fees.

8. Candidates admitted to the program are permitted to borrow ACEBO products from the Division of State Court Administration in order to prepare for the oral exam, but these materials must be returned the week of the next session of oral exams. Candidates may be charged for lost or damaged materials. If materials are not returned at the appropriate time without explanation, the Division of State Court Administration will assume that the materials are lost.

9. A candidate should notify the Division of State Court Administration if there is a change in address, name, or other personal information. This will ensure that the candidate continues to receive important updates. All changes to interpreter contact information need to be submitted in writing by letter to Krystal Grimes at 30 South Meridian Street, Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or by email at

10. If an interpreter candidate would like to meet with a staff member for the program, please call and schedule an appointment before visiting. Making an appointment will ensure that a staff member is available to assist you during your visit.

11. Oral exams are graded by two federally certified interpreters who have been specifically trained by the National Consortium to grade oral exams. Every effort is made to grade exams accurately and thoroughly, and failing scores that are close to passing (within a few points) are double checked by graders. Accordingly, re-grading of exams is discouraged. From time to time, however, candidates seek to have an oral exam re-graded. Please be advised that an interpreter candidate may seek a re-grade of an oral exam only if the exam score is within 5 points of a passing score. Also, please be advised that the interpreter candidate will be required to pay all expenses associated with the re-grade. 12. If there are additional questions about these administrative policies or about the program in general, please contact Krystal Grimes, Project Assistant, at 317-234-3824 or by email at