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In 1979, the Indiana General Assembly transferred the responsibility for certification, training, and support of probation in Indiana from the executive branch to the judicial branch of government—specifically to the Judicial Conference of Indiana.  Under this statutory authority, the Judicial Conference delegated many of these duties to its staff agency, the Indiana Judicial Center.  The Judicial Center provides training and technical assistance to probation departments and oversees the certification requirements for probation officers on behalf of the Judicial Conference. In particular, the Judicial Center administers the application process, examination and orientation program for new probation officers.  In the area of training, the Judicial Center provides continuing education opportunities for probation officers in the form of the Probation Officers Annual Meeting, Regional Meetings and intensive specialty trainings.  The Judicial Center’s role in support of probation results in many special projects and initiatives (such as the Risk Assessment Task Force and the salary schedule project), as well as collaborations with the Department of Correction, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and the Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana (POPAI).

Under the authority of the Judicial Conference, the Judicial Center also administers the procedures for probationers transferring into and out of Indiana through the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision and the Interstate Compact on Juveniles.

Governing Statutes

IC 11-13-1-1 through IC 11-13-1-10

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