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How do you prepare for college?

What do you need to do to be college-ready after you graduate from high school? Learn about preparing mentally, emotionally and intellectually.

Complete your Grad Plan

You won’t be ready for college if you don’t have the right high school diploma. Learn about the Indiana Graduation Plan, required for all students. Commit to earning a Core 40 diploma, preferably with Academic Honors or Technical Honors. Some Indiana colleges only admit students with an Honors diploma.

Succeed in school

A college-ready student already has the right study habits. Learn how to succeed in school now, and then read up on smart study habits in college. Remember: there won’t be anyone at college nagging you to keep up on your school work, so it’s up to you stay on top of things and not fall behind.

Succeed in school

Take tough classes
Colleges look for students who push themselves to take the tough classes, including Advanced Placement (AP) and dual-credit courses. Even if you get a slightly lower grade in harder classes, colleges will value the fact that you are willing to stretch yourself academically.

Know your chances

If you’re applying to an Indiana college, explore Learn More Indiana’s College GO! Week resources to see admissions criteria. You may find that your grades or test scores are below average for a college you’d like to attend. Apply anyway; a strong essay or other criteria may still qualify you. Make sure you apply to several colleges that you are fairly certain you will be able to attend, though.

You can also use the College Navigator to view information for colleges outside Indiana.

Enhance your application

Learn More Indiana offers a checklist of things to think about when you’re getting ready for college. Read about classes, grades, volunteer experience and more. College admissions will look for certain characteristics.

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