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How do you upgrade your job skills?

To advance in your career, you will need to constantly upgrade your job skills. If you aren’t sure what skills are necessary in your field, explore careers to see which skills you’ll need as you move up.

Upgrading your skills

Depending on your field, continuing education opportunities may help you learn more about your career field. Look for continuing education from these sources:

  • Your employer. They may offer additional training or on-the-job classes. If no official training is available, a manager or another employee may be able to teach you the skills you need to advance your career.
  • Professional associations. Depending on your career field, there may be a professional association that provides continuing education.
  • WorkOne Centers, libraries and community centers. If you’re looking for basic skills used in many jobs, check your local WorkOne Center, public library or another community center for free or low-cost classes.

Upgrading your education

You may find that you need to earn an additional degree or certificate to upgrade your skills. Read about options for continuing your education.

The College Navigator can help you find the perfect college for continuing your education. Narrow your search by programs offered, location, size and more.

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